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Kids Quilt! Puzzle

This is our very first KidsQuilt puzzle for you and we’re starting with a game called Rock the Block! See below for clues.

Rock the Block!

Rock the Block is a quilt block guessing game. Each puzzle features the image of a popular quilt block and the name of that block. The clues below will give you hints about the shape, theme, design or name of the block shown in the completed puzzle.


Clue Number 1:

Our first Rock The Block puzzle spotlights a quilt block that is made up entirely of straight lines, just like the boards used for the walls of a house. 

Clue Number 2

Our mystery quilt block has a square at the center, like the fireplace in the center of a house.

Clue Number 3:

The name of this block is the type of house that Abraham Lincoln was born in.

Think you know what the mystery quilt block is called? Solve the puzzle to see if you’re right!


Tip: for best results, solve puzzle on this page on a desktop computer or laptop. If you are solving on a mobile device, click on the puzzle piece icon in the lower righthand corner to solve on the Jigsaw Planet website.


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Quiltmaking is all about color, so let your imagination run wild and design your own quilt blocks!

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