Kids Quilt!



Learn to quilt!

Kids Quilt! is a project of the non-profit Quilt Alliance. We believe that every quilt is a great quilt–from beginners to experts!


Learn to quilt

Instructions, helpful hits, links to videos, and more ideas for getting started!

Make it yours

Your quilt is a work of art! We’ll share a few ways to customize and design your first quilt.

Share your quilt

Watch quilting stories from kids like you, and share your quilt with the world!

Get started

There’s no time like the present to get started. If you have a Quilt Alliance Kids Quilt! kit, check out the enhanced instructions for more details and helpful video links.

Get inspired

Here would be a link to the GTI page with vids, QSOS And a link to share your own quilt story.

learn more

Learn more about quilts!

Puzzles, coloring pages, and more!

Why have people been making quilts for centuries? Because they’re fun! Check out this page for quilt activities, trivia, and more.

(Keep an eye out–we’ll be adding more soon!)

About the Quilt Alliance
Kids Quilt! is a Quilt Alliance project

Quilt Alliance is a nonprofit organization established in 1993 with a mission to document, preserve, and share our quilt heritage.

Visit us at www.quiltalliance.org

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